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November 28, 2010

An Animation with Pop-Up Effects

The Happy Duckling is an enchanting little animated film that simulates a pop-up book. The story follows an ordinary boy who is relentlessly stalked by a duck. Winner of awards around the globe including the Best Animation BAFTA Scotland Award, the piece was written by renown Israeli animator Gill Dolev. Dolev enrolled the help of eight students at the Universities of Dundee and Aebertog in Scotland to help him produce the film. From the results, it looks like they learned a lot and had a great time working on the project. To complete the film, an inventive original score was added by composer Mick Cooke.  Here’s the link.

November 16, 2010

Vienna’s Vegetable Orchestra

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We are now big fans of the Vegetable Orchestra after listening to PRI’s The World radio segment about it. Members of the orchestra make their own instruments before every performance. Beginning as purchases from local markets, vegetable instruments are reamed out, carved, and tested before being played in performance. Back-up vegetable instruments are also made in case of a malfunction. The resulting music is very hip and techno. Watch a video and see if you don’t agree that this is an awesome show.

November 15, 2010

Pop-Up Book Cake of Bethesda, Maryland

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We love the winner of Bethesda Magazine’s cake decoration contest, both because it features our home town and because it represents Bethesda, Maryland, as a pop-up book. Created by Patrick Musel and his staff at the Praline Bakery and Bistro, the cake ‘s pages don’t actually turn, but they look convincing enough as a bit of paper engineered frosting. It was elected best cake by 51 percent of those participating in the on-line vote. Congratulations!

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