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March 25, 2015

Laser Art Extraordinaire by Eric Standley

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Laser cut artwork by Eric Standley

An associate professor of studio art at Virginia Tech, Eric Standley uses a laser cutter to create his many-layered artworks, and in doing so captures the essential geometries of twelfth-century cathedrals and mosques. Evidence of how finely the laser can render complex designs is on display in Standley’s detailed pieces composed of sheet upon sheet of colored paper. The results are fantastically 3-dimensional. To see more of his work and a short video presentation, visit his web site

March 8, 2015

Save Our Libraries Video

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Save Our Public Libraries campaign, Toronto, Canada

Save Our Public Libraries campaign, Toronto, Canada

Our libraries are one of our most valuable resources, centers for education, entertainment, community interaction and outreach. Like many public libraries, Toronto’s library budget has been drastically cut, but citizens are fighting back. They have produced a wonderful little video about the importance of libraries, appropriately in the form of a book with moving parts and pop-ups!  Watch it here….

The Life Cycle of Water, a Pop-Up Book Video

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Pop-Up book, The Life Cycle of Water

Many videos have
 used the concept of the pop-up book as a motif for animation, but this video by paper engineer Helen Friel, photographer Chris Turner, and animator Jess Deacon uses an actual custom-made pop-up book as its subject. Done as a two-minute stop-action film, the video traces the path of a single paper water droplet across the book’s pages, from cloud through water pipes and faucets, and back to the earth. Titled Revolution, it was created from over 1,000 separate images and has won several awards for its production.

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