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August 12, 2011

“Seduce Me” Series with Isabella Rossellini

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"Seduce Me" video series with Isabella Rossellini, salmon video

A sequel to the popular “Green Porno” series of videos about animal and insect reproduction, the “Seduce Me” videos expand on the playful combination of paper props, unique musical scores and amazing costumes worn by Isabella Rossellini to describe how creatures attract each other for the purpose of procreation. A combination of hard science, art, sound and poetry, the videos make learning about the natural sciences fun. Visit the web site to see all the videos along with behind-the-scenes views of  the creators and the making of the props.

"Seduce Me" video series with Isabella Rossellini, paper cuttlefish set"Seduce Me" video series with Isabella Rossellini, cutting paper props


July 16, 2011

J.P. Morgan Chase Banks on a Pop-up Ad

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Pop-up book video ad by JP Morgan Chase

We pop-up book enthusiasts were delighted to see that J.P. Morgan Chase has bought into the trend of using the pop-up book as a motif in their advertising. The video, done in black and white, uses dimensional paper images of homes and businesses to promote their mortgage lending services and their role in the financial recovery. The image of a popped-up economy may be premature and the message a bit overly upbeat, but the pop-ups themselves are nicely done. Let’s hope the economy follows.

April 17, 2011

The Ice Book Pop-Up Theater

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The Ice Book, A Pop-Up Book TheaterThe Ice Book, A Pop-Up Book Theater

The line between books, electronics, theater and animation is becoming thinner these days with the rapid development of digital readers. We’ve seen several great apps that attempt to capture the feel of a pop-up book, although the experience is not the same as the actual paper versions. Here’s another approach in which film and pop-ups retain their distinctive qualities, yet the two are joined in a beautiful, surreal way. Created by Davy and Kristen McGuire during an artist’s residency at Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen in Germany, this large-scale pop-up book serves as the stage set for a story told through behind-the-page video projections. Inspired by Russian fairytales, the story is of a young boy enticed into the realm of an ice princess who wants him to warm her heart. Click here to watch the video.

To read more about this project, visit their web site at

February 14, 2011

An Automata Valentine

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Automata Valentine by Dug NorthDug North, Creator of Automata

Here’s a delightful little automata  for our audience today. Created by artist Dug North, the crank is turned and the small wooden figure peruses the card rack but can’t find the right card. It’s titled “Which Card Says ‘I Love You’ as Much as I Really Do?”
The solution? Not a purchased card but hand-made surprise. A wooden kinetic sculpture, a pop-up card, or just a plain cut-out heart–when it’s made by hand, it’s better.  More of Dug’s work can be seen at his web site and on his wonderful Automata Blog.

February 11, 2011

Historic Pop-Up Book Videos

Vintage Puss in Boots Pop-Up Book

A group of wonderful little videos showing historic pop-up books in action has been posted to YouTube by the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper Hewitt Design Museum. It’s a movable library in action. Here are the links:

   Puss in Boots, 1934, Blue Ribbon Books
   Popeye with The Hag of the Seven Seas, 1935, Pleasure Books
   Cowboys in Pop-Up Action Pictures, 1951, Publicity Products, London
   Tony Sarg’s Treasure Book, 1942 B. F. Jay publishers
   Dick Tracy pop-up book by Harold Lentz, 1935, Pleasure Books
   Pinnochio pop-up book by Harold Lentz, 1933, Blue Ribbon Books
   What a Surprise by Ernest Nister, 1900, E. P. Dutton & Co.
   The Jolly Jump-Ups Journey Through Space, 1952, McLoughlin Bros.


January 27, 2011

Fun with Laurel and Hardy

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It’s not a pop-up or an artist’s book, but we found this video so delightful that we wanted to share it with our readers. Old meets new, silent film meets sound track, it’s a mash-up that works. It’s only 1:37 minutes long.  Here’s the clip.

Laurel and Hardy were a comedy duo working in vaudeville and silent films in the 1920’s and 30’s. Filmmaker Michael Akkerman (Dark Knight, Taxi Driver, Midnight  Express) added the soundtrack, Oye Como Va, by rock and jazz fusion artist Carlos Santana. Mr. Akkerman managed to merge the two seamlessly.

January 25, 2011

Pop-Up Superstitions

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Here’s another great video featuring a pop-up book format. Superstitious by Irish moving image designer David Magnier was done as part of his masters degree program at Kingston University in London. A lonely protagonist who’s life is bound by superstitions keeps a tally of his good luck/bad luck encounters. But his fears are dispelled with the appearance of a mysterious visitor. Watch the video for the denouement.

December 4, 2010

“Augmented Reality,” A New Book Form

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 “Le Monde Des Montagnes” represents yet another approach to the book form. A collaboration between illustrator Camille Scherrer and computer techs Julien Pilet, Fanny Riedo, and Nicolas Henchoz, the book bridges the gap between an actual book and a digital book in an “augmented reality” format. The actual book can be viewed normally, with text and illustrations telling the story of the world of mountains. But when connected with a computer (and we’re not sure how this connection is made), hidden animated images are revealed on the book’s pages. It’s hard to say how effective this is for the reader without having experienced the actual setup, but the video of the process  is definitely intriguing. Let us know what you think.

Learn more at the web site:

November 28, 2010

An Animation with Pop-Up Effects

The Happy Duckling is an enchanting little animated film that simulates a pop-up book. The story follows an ordinary boy who is relentlessly stalked by a duck. Winner of awards around the globe including the Best Animation BAFTA Scotland Award, the piece was written by renown Israeli animator Gill Dolev. Dolev enrolled the help of eight students at the Universities of Dundee and Aebertog in Scotland to help him produce the film. From the results, it looks like they learned a lot and had a great time working on the project. To complete the film, an inventive original score was added by composer Mick Cooke.  Here’s the link.

September 13, 2010

Peter Dahmen’s sculptural pop-ups

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Sculptural pop-up video by Peter Dahmen
German graphic designer Peter Dahmen has a stunning video on Youtube showing the mechanical movements of his sculptural pop-ups. Executed in plain white paper, the pop-ups in the video become choreographed plays in light and shadow with the turning of each page.

Here’s the link:

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