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July 8, 2007

Teaching in the Northwest

Carousel book by Ann CoombsCarousel Book “Travel Reflections” by Susie JensenCarousel book by Lynn WhiteheadCarousel Book by Michelle Johnson

I was on the road in June, teaching classes at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland and at the Focus Book Arts Conference in Forest Grove, Oregon. Travel was an ongoing theme. The carousel books produced in the OCAC class referenced trips and places. (From upper left ) Ann Coombs’ untitled carousel book includes collage images from various sources. Susie Jensen  incorporates a trove of old maps and brochures salvaged from her parents’ home in her carousel book “Travel Reflections.” Lynn Whitehead’s carousel book “Hans in Luck Revisited” incorporates illustrations from a children’s book by David McKee. And Michelle Johnson’s book “The Best Places to Spend the Summer in Michigan” has a title that speaks for itself.  To see more carousel books, visit the Popular Kinetics Book web site at


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