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July 17, 2008

Who Said Librarians Haven’t a Sense of Humor?

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Austin Library drill cart team

Austin Library drill cart team

While teaching a class at the Nashville Public Library, we were treated to an audition performance of their library cart drill team. Apparently this is a growing phenomenon among librarians, and there’s a national competition of drill team performances. The Austin Library won this year’s competition. You’ve got to watch this YouTube video; it will make you see librarians in a whole new light. (Hint: the best part’s in the middle).

April 25, 2008

Book Arts e-Journal, The Bonefolder

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The Bonefolder e-Newsletter Banner

This e-journal is a wealth of information for those interested in the book arts, bookbinding, fine binding, book exhibitions and related topics. The journal’s clean, attractive design reflects it’s subject, and each issue includes thoughtful, well-written articles by authorities in the field along with a generous number of photographic illustrations. The journal establishes a needed critical discourse on the art of the book, and record of important technical information. The issues are downloadable as PDF files. Visit the website,

April 16, 2008

Santa Fe Radio Cafe Interview

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Public Radio KSFR

Carol Barton recently was interviewed by Mary-Charlotte Domandi on the public radio member station KSFR in Santa Fe, NM, along with Santa Fe Art Institute director Diane Karp. The half-hour segment covers a wide range of topics ranging from Barton’s work with pop-ups, historical background on artist’s books, and even a few science subjects. To listen to the full interview, go to

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