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August 12, 2011

“Seduce Me” Series with Isabella Rossellini

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"Seduce Me" video series with Isabella Rossellini, salmon video

A sequel to the popular “Green Porno” series of videos about animal and insect reproduction, the “Seduce Me” videos expand on the playful combination of paper props, unique musical scores and amazing costumes worn by Isabella Rossellini to describe how creatures attract each other for the purpose of procreation. A combination of hard science, art, sound and poetry, the videos make learning about the natural sciences fun. Visit the web site to see all the videos along with behind-the-scenes views of  the creators and the making of the props.

"Seduce Me" video series with Isabella Rossellini, paper cuttlefish set"Seduce Me" video series with Isabella Rossellini, cutting paper props


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