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February 23, 2008

Folded Paper Furniture for Kids

Foldschool paper furniture

Want some fun furniture for your kids to play on? Try making these folded paper pieces: a stool, a chair, and a rocker. Designed by Swiss architect Nicola Enrico Staubli, these simple yet sturdy items can be constructed from corrugated cardboard (preferably recycled) and decorated with paints, crayons, or collage elements. You can download the patterns for free from Staubli’s Foldschool web site:


August 4, 2007

Italian Paper Artist and Performer, Ennio

Paper performance artist Ennio Marchetto

Quick-change artist Ennio performed in Washington, D.C., this summer, donning over 20 paper costumes and miming to the music of a host of well-known stars and musicians.

Born in Venice, Italy, Ennio began making costumes for the Venetian carnival while at the same time working in his father’s espresso machine repair shop. He made his first paper costume of Marilyn Monroe in the 1980’s to amuse his family and friends. Since then, his repertoire has grown. He has teamed up with costume and fashion designer Sosthen Hennekam, and has taken his act around the globe, combining mime, dance, and music with his over 300 cardboard and paper outfits.

Watch Ennio’s performance on YouTube, or visit his web site to learn more about his work.

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