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September 8, 2007

How to Make a Pop-Up Photo

How to Make a Pop-Up Photograph

Did you ever want to pop up photos of your family, your pet, or your best friends? Now you can, by following the step-by-step instructions we’ve posted on Wikipedia’s How-To Encyclopedia. Just go to

The Wikihow Encyclopedia covers a wealth of subjects, from crafts, to plumbing, to how to make Eggs Benedict. You can add the “How-To Of The Day” selection to your own Google page by going to And we’re excited that our Pop-Up Photo How-To has been chosen by Google to appear as their feature on September 10th!How to Make a Pop-Up Photograph


August 16, 2007

Attention All School Teachers!

Art, Books, and Creativity program, Arlington Virginia schools

Lesson plans on how to incorporate book arts into standard classroom curicula will be available this fall on a new web site sponsored by the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The web site will be posted in September. Please pass this information on to any teachers you know who might be interested in utilizing this important free resource within their classrooms! Email me and I will send you an announcement with the web address when it is up.

ABC (Art, Books, and Creativity) is an elementary-level arts integration curriculum that helps students make connections between visual art, writing, and other classroom subjects. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, ABC is a model for integrating the visual arts into core school curicula. I have been involved as one of the artist-teachers in this program from its inception, and have found that teaching kids to make their own books empowers them to improve their storytelling and writing skills, explore new subject matter, and develop three-dimensional design and trial-and-error problem-solving techniques.

In an era when the arts have been reduced or cut from many school programs, this is an important way to incorporate them back into the classroom as a vital teaching tool. Please take advantage of this resource!

July 27, 2007

The Pocket Paper Engineer, Progress Report

The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume 1
Between classes this summer, I’m continuing to work on volume 2 of my workbook series, The Pocket Paper Engineer. The upcoming volume will demonstrate how to construct and glue pop-up props and platforms. It’s a big job. First I design the pop-up projects, then I photograph them and adjust the photos in Photoshop. Next I write and illustrate the step-by-step instructions, add more examples of finished illustrations, and test out the results. Since I’m also the publisher, I’ll be “on press” in China, checking color and positioning. I’m anticipating volume 2 to be out in the Spring of 2008.

 The Pocket Paper Engineer, volume 1, got a great review on the BoingBoing web blog this week. If you’ve never seen this site, billed as “A Directory of Wonderful Things,” it’s worth a visit. The review was also carried on another interesting blog,

July 16, 2007

ShitDisco Pop-Up Music Video

Their four-letter-word moniker may serve to get attention, but what’s most impressive about this group’s music video “OK” is it’s clever use of pop-ups, inventive production, and the music itself. It’s a reflection of the fact that pop-ups have grown up. Hopefully, this work is a harbinger of things to come, as producers recognize the potential for fun and funky pop-up animation. Check it out!

July 8, 2007

Teaching in the Northwest

Carousel book by Ann CoombsCarousel Book “Travel Reflections” by Susie JensenCarousel book by Lynn WhiteheadCarousel Book by Michelle Johnson

I was on the road in June, teaching classes at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland and at the Focus Book Arts Conference in Forest Grove, Oregon. Travel was an ongoing theme. The carousel books produced in the OCAC class referenced trips and places. (From upper left ) Ann Coombs’ untitled carousel book includes collage images from various sources. Susie Jensen  incorporates a trove of old maps and brochures salvaged from her parents’ home in her carousel book “Travel Reflections.” Lynn Whitehead’s carousel book “Hans in Luck Revisited” incorporates illustrations from a children’s book by David McKee. And Michelle Johnson’s book “The Best Places to Spend the Summer in Michigan” has a title that speaks for itself.  To see more carousel books, visit the Popular Kinetics Book web site at

July 7, 2007

Welcome to The Popular Edge Book Blog!

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